Information Coronavirus from Geschäftsleitung of PACO Group


Important information!


Dear business partners,


the coronavirus is spreading rapidly and the PACO Group is taking steps across all its sites to both protect its employees and support business continuity. The following is an overview of the actions we are taking internally and the measures that also apply to the employees of our business partners who work or visit PACO sites or operations and/or will work with PACO employees.


The health and safety of our employees and our business partners is always a top priority for us, especially now that the situation and the spread of COVID-19 in countries around the world is evolving.  We support and comply with government regulations and continuously monitor the external situation and the instructions of various governments to adjust our actions.  We value your partnership in rebuilding all business operations to serve our consumers and customers.


At the same time, we must do everything we can, to maintain our established business operations, secure supply chains and continue to provide services to our customers around the world.


With this letter we would like to inform you how we are dealing with this situation and what we expect from you.

The following steps have already been implemented:


- Strict reporting requirements for employees who have been in crisis areas and/or have had direct contact with infected persons, as well as suspected cases.

- Most intensive hygiene measures

- Fully controlled visitor access including instructions for external persons on hygiene measures in the building.

- Implemented pandemic and emergency plans for each site

- Prepared and partly already implemented infrastructure to work cross-functionally from the home office

- Corresponding announcements and updates at i-points in the company.


In addition, our production facilities and service and repair environments have already been converted to shift work to a large extent in order to equalise staff presence within the company and, of course, to reliably carry out customer orders at all times.


Our sales, finance and administration departments can switch to remote office at any time and can be contacted and made available to you using the actual contact details.


Our field service is available to you at any time under the known contact details; however, travel activities, i.e. on-site consulting, are suspended until further notice.


We will be happy to organize audio or video conferences for you at any time, as far as the individual requirements allow.


We are of course aware that there are processes that cannot be relocated to the online and/or virtual area, but must be physically carried out. We can assure you that in these cases we will continue to be on site for you and to advance our projects together - always, of course, taking into account the respective situation in order to protect both your employees and our personnel resources from the risk of infection in the best possible way.


Some suppliers have already pointed out possible supply bottlenecks to us. We recommend that you plan your replenishments with foresight, if at all possible at the moment, and to place orders in good time. This is the only way we can ensure on-time delivery for you in the best possible way. This makes sense both operationally and economically, as experience has told us, that possible shortages are accompanied by price adjustments on the part of the manufacturers.


Just as we do our best to protect ourselves and maintain the supply chain, we also expect our suppliers / service providers to do everything reasonably possible in this situation, especially in the event of a "CORONA" case, to continue and to ensure the ability to supply. Corresponding action plans are to be developed in your company and/or supply chain and implemented consistently in the event of an infection.


This also applies to the performance of service obligations of suppliers and service providers on the premises and in the factories of the PACO Group. The same regulations apply to third parties as to our own employees: In the event of a visit, you must ensure that your employees do not show any symptoms of illness as described by the RKI and that they have not recently made any trips to the officially designated risk areas. If your employee(s) consider it necessary, personal protective equipment (mouth protection or similar) must be carried along during the visit itself.


Holding and staying together in this exceptional time ist he most important thing.


Stay healthy.


Peter Ruppel                  Garvin Ruppel

CEO                                 COO