Information on the current crisis management implemented by the management of the PACO Group.


Update to important informations!


Dear business partners,


es and restrictions within the last years and months, new turbulences have arisen, which need to be managed in the best possible way.

In the following, you will find an overview of the measures taken by the PACO Group in the course of crisis management, both internally and towards business partners who will be working at PACO sites, visiting them and/or working with PACO employees.

The health and safety of our employees and business partners is always our top priority. We support and follow the guidelines of the Federal Government, as well as those of the State Government of Hesse and continuously monitor the external situation regarding all impacts around topics such as war development, gas supply and many more in the media, regularly attend events of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and are in close exchange with other companies and utilities.

In the course of this communication, we would like to bring you up to date on our findings and the measures we have taken to ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible.

Hygiene measures such as the voluntary wearing of mouth and nose protection, the provision of disinfectants and self-tests, as well as various vaccination offers.
Thanks to efficient crisis management and the implemented pandemic and emergency plans for all sites, we were ready to meet the requirements of our customers and business partners at all times.
All departments within the administration were equipped with an infrastructure that enables mobile working. Through cross-functional networks, our employees can still be reached and are available under the familiar contact details. In addition, our field service is available at any time; travel and on-site consultations are carried out on site, if possible and in accordance with legal requirements or your company guidelines.
Furthermore, our production facilities as well as service and repair environments have already been converted to shift work as far as possible in order to equalize personnel presence within the company and, of course, to reliably execute customer orders at any time.
Our employees are informed about the current situation at regular intervals.
We will continue to be on site for you in order to jointly drive projects forward - always taking into account the respective situation, of course.

The gas shortage is also an issue for us, which we approach with caution. All our plants are heated with gas, only plant 4 is heated exclusively with oil.  Plant 1 has a combination burner. In the event of a gas failure, we have to ensure that the pipes and machine fluids are free of frost. In the course of this, we have already been able to take some precautions to counteract the problem.

In the course of our supply chains, we rely on dual or multiple source strategies where possible to reduce a dependency relationship with one supplier. We are in constant and close contact with our suppliers, but due to various bottlenecks, it is occasionally not possible to meet deadlines on the part of the suppliers. In connection with possible supply bottlenecks, we recommend that you plan your supplies with foresight and place orders in good time. Despite the general conditions, we strive to do everything possible to provide our customers with their ordered and confirmed goods in a flexible and timely manner.                    

As a family business managed over generations, cohesion is our top priority in such an extraordinary situation as this. The existing challenges can only be countered by joining forces.

Stay healty!

The PACO Group

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