Direct from the Cloth Manufacturer: The PACO Hooked Screen Range


There are technical products that are essential and, therefore, widely used. A perfect example of this are hooked screens for a wide range of screening machines. Paco supplies these in top quality and custom-made for each specific job.


In every branch and every company there are products that are in demand and widely used that don’t get talked about that much. A fine example of such products are hooked screens – including those from PACO. Although there is a lot that can be said about them – particularly when it comes to topics such as quality, reliability and partnerships with screening machine manufacturers to develop new types and customer-specific solutions.

Guaranteed high PACO quality of screen cloths, hook edges and workmanship …
The heart of every screening machine is the screen. This not only separates the various grain sizes of a product, but also mediocrity from real quality and short-term cost advantages from long-term screening productivity. PACO hooked screens are always a good choice – whether as screening machine original equipment or as replacement screens. 
Convincing arguments for choosing PACO hooked screens don’t stop with the top quality of the precisely specified PACO screen cloths. These are complemented with the quality of the hook edges and optimum bonding to the cloth. The high level of the design and workmanship of all of the component elements ensures that PACO hooked screen users can enjoy fail-safe operation, long lifetimes and an excellent return on investment. 

… for various types of machine and screening products
PACO hooked screens are available for all of the leading brands of screening machines. Regardless of whether they are to be used with side-tensioning (SPA) or end-tensioning (SPI) they can be tailored to each specific screening machine, screening product and required screening performance.
PACO hooked screens have proved themselves in a wide variety of industries and branches – satisfying both processing engineers as well as business administrators. Among the important users of PACO hooked screens are the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the producers and processors of mineral screening products, the fertilizer industry, food processing industry, animal feed industry, polymer manufactures and many others. Detailed information is available on request.

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