Project "First Aiders of Tomorrow" in the Main-Kinzig Kreis


We are involved!

Providing "first aid" is an important topic in all life situations and also for us as the PACO Group, as safety and helpfulness are important throughout the company. We consider it as our responsibility to support the project of the Johanniter in cooperation with the K&L publishing house, so that even the youngest children can be introduced to the topics of first aid, bodily functions and safety in road traffic in a gentle and playful way.


To reinforce what has been learned, an easy-to-understand drawing and work book, a poster and an app were developed, which contain essential components of a teaching package for children aged five to eleven.

With our contribution, we would like to support Johanniter in teaching children the skills to provide first aid in emergencies and to recognise everyday sources of danger in the home, leisure time and traffic in good time.

Using child-friendly case studies, they give tips and advice on first aid and prevention. At the same time, educators and parents can discuss and practise the illustrations with the children.


Through the support of the PACO Group and many local businesses, it is possible to distribute the colouring and work books, as well as posters, free of charge in the primary schools of the Main-Kinzig Kreis. A commitment we are very happy to join.


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