War in Ukraine


The PACO-Group shows solidarity.

We are in shock about the war in Ukraine and the suffering it has caused. It is hardly bearable to see pictures of the bombardments, the destruction of civilian facilities and the people living in fear of death.

We feel solidarity with the Ukrainian people and want to show this through a variety of measures and support actions. These range from helping the millions of refugees to providing for the people who want to and have to hold out in the country. The war set in motion a wave of willingness to help, in which many of our employees are also participating.

We are proud of the solidarity shown by so many Pacoians, together with their families and friends, the incredible commitment they are showing and the support they are providing. We hope and wish with all our hearts for the people of Ukraine that the violence and human suffering will soon come to an end.



Read here the experience report of our employee E. Nagelberg on his renewed journey to the Ukrainian border.


Read here the report of our employee E. Nagelberg on his journey to the Ukrainian border.


Read a corresponding newspaper article on the relief action here.