PACO History


    Paul & Co. GmbH (Herolz), the PACO plant that specializes in medium and coarser quality cloths celebrates its 50th anniversary. At POWTECH, the leading international trade show, PACO together with its partner SEPTEC presents the newly developed R.I.S.E. ONE high-performance screening machine. This offers a hitherto unreached acceleration of the screen cloth of approx. 40g.



    Paul GmbH & Co. KG (Steinau) enjoys its 60th anniversary by successfully carrying on with “business as usual”. In conjunction with an automatic welding machine manufacturer, the PACO mechanical engineering team implements a custom-design 2D coordinate welding machine with medium frequency technology. This has a self-learning controller for welding current adjustment. The documentation of the process parameters as well as the formula and core rod management is fully automated.



    Peter W. Ruppel, managing director and son of the company co-founder Wilhelm Ruppel (1927 – 2008) celebrates his 40th working anniversary. The storage capacity for PACO metal wire cloths at the facility in the Steinau North industrial estate is increased by a further 1000 square metres.



    The PACO factory in Herolz commissions the “Wide Loom“, an automated loom with a weaving width of up to 3 metres. This is produced by our own mechanical engineering team and makes industrial history. The PACO subsidiary HETA receives a new submerged arc welding machine for technically perfect and x-ray proof welding seams. This is one of only a few in the industry and is dedicated to the production of pressure vessels.



    On 1st January PACO incorporates HETA Verfahrenstechnik GmbH from Lich in Germany into the company group. This specialist for filtration and separation complements the PACO product range, particularly in the area of plant manufacturing.

    To enable even the thickest possible steel plates to be formed, for example plates for pressure vessels, HETA takes delivery of a gigantic and powerful EVOROLL bending and rolling machine. The PSA2006 automated cylinder welder is commissioned at the plant in Steinau. The development and implementation of this hitherto most complex machine from PACO’s own mechanical engineering group came at a cost of more than € 300,000. Its capability of combining optimized mechanical welding sets with a modern SPS controller represents a milestone in PACO mechanical engineering.


    The business administration graduate Klaus Ruppel, son of the company founder Wilhelm Ruppel (1927 – 2008), is appointed as the second managing director of Paul GmbH & Co., Herolz, Germany. The expansion and modernisation of the PACO company headquarters in Steinau is completed. Over 900 m² of office area are now available. Also included in the redevelopment are an attractive and welcoming façade and reception area. Additional space is allocated to the factory at Steinau plant II which concentrates on sieve production. The sieve screening shop alone is increased by an area of 500 m² and a new sand blasting chamber and high pressure cleaning system for sieve frames is commissioned.


    The company founder Wilhelm Ruppel who was popular and respected among staff and trade specialists alike dies at the age of 81. PACO implements a company-wide ERP system for computer-assisted resource planning and mapping of all business processes. The new platform ensures wide-scale compatibility with most enterprises, including large corporations, to further increase customer satisfaction.


    A further phase of the extension of the PACO Herolz site is completed. A new office building is moved into and an increase in storage capacity to 1600 m² provides space for further expansion. The graduate engineer Garvin Ruppel, the nephew of Peter and Klaus Ruffel takes on an assistent managerial role to mark the entry of the 3rd generation into the PACO family company. Together with STF Maschinen-und Anlagenbau GmbH, Aicha, Germany, PACO develops and starts production of the innovative MAG 10 high-performance screening machine.


    A new production line for pleated filters is commissioned at the PACO plant in Steinau. This enables especially long filter elements with a length of up to 1400 mm to be produced “in one piece”. A capability that is unique on the world market.


    For the first time, PACO exhibits at trade fairs in India and Indonesia. In each case, a lot of interest is shown and new sales opportunities are created. As supplier for the top stage of the Ariane 5 space launch vehicle, PACO undergoes a strenuous quality management assessment and receives certification according to EN 9100 (E) ff / AS 9100 ff for the aerospace industry.


    PACO – Paul GmbH & Co. – celebrates its 50th anniversary. It puts on a big celebration for its staff, customers and business partners as well as the dignitaries of the town of Steinau. Senior manager Wilhelm Ruppel holds a moving speech that finishes with an appeal to the younger generation to embrace their future and the future of PACO with ambition and joyful expectation.


    The fourth phase of the PACO weaving mill at the Herolz plant is completed. This new production facility employs the latest concepts in manufacturing logistics.
    Enhanced certification of the PACO quality assurance system according to EN ISO 9001:2000.


    The Herolz factory’s 100th loom is commissioned. The 2nd factory “Im Poppen“ receives an additional 500 m2 store.


    The new millennium begins with the completion of extensive expansion measures. The three factories at Steinau and Herolz provide PACO with a floor area of over 27,000 m2, of which approx. 20,000 m2 is production space for weaving and filter manufacturing and 1000 m2 is for storage. The workforce now numbers 330 and turnover now exceeds 35,000,000 Euro with exports to more than 100 countries around the world. PACO’s mechanical engineering team puts the 250th automated loom for fine wires into production. A supercalendar to reduce the thickness of ultra fine wires is commissioned. The investment for the project amounted to 1.3 million DM – the largest single investment to date made by PACO for manufacturing equipment.


    The 2nd factory “Im Poppen“ is expanded. The production area is extended and a new storage area is provided.


    Successful certification of the PACO quality assurance system according to EN ISO 9001. The 175th loom produced by PACO is commissioned at the factory in Herolz.


    Airbag production reaches its peak with nearly 300,000 units per month.


    The first automated welding plant developed by PACO for the production of screening cylinders produces the millionth part.


    A new factory is set up in the “Im Poppen“ industrial estate in Steinau. This initially concentrates on the production of airbag components.


    Foundation of the Belgian subsidiary CANAL – together with the partners André Brassine and the company Dillinger Fabrik gel. Bleche.


    The French subsidiary TSE is set up by PACO at Longjumeau near to Paris. Business activities are centred on the supply and service of the screen printing industry. The range of activities is systematically increased – from sieve production through to the printing of small batches for the regional market.


    Peter Ruppel is appointed as sole executive director of the PACO group of companies.


    The 50th PACO HML lightweight loom is commissioned.


    PACO takes over the fine weaving activities of a further competitor. Shortly after that they acquire the production resources of Ratazzi & May, the former market leader in metal wire weaving, where the company founders Paul and Ruppel originally learnt their trade.


    The silent partner Hans Arnold sells his share of the company to the Ruppel and Seyfert families.


    The main factory at Steinau commences filter manufacturing, which due to huge demand is very quickly expanded. The first products are filter discs and sieves for synthetic fibre extrusion.


    The first shuttleless loom built by PACO themselves is put into service at the plant in Steinau.


    The first foreign subsidiary, PAUL WIRE CLOTH CO. in Middlewich (UK) is set up.


    PACO takes over all of the machines from a company in Ireland that they had developed a close working relationship with.


    A second production plant commences operations at the village of Herolz near Schlu?chtern in Central Germany. This plant concentrates on the production of medium and coarse cloths. The USA is now an important export market.


    The company is booming and dynamically expanding. PACO takes over the machines and production resources from a competitor in Karlsruhe.


    The cofounder Hans Paul withdraws for health reasons. With Wilhelm Ruppel, a man that was onboard from the outset takes over the management of the company as managing partner.


    Production is relocated to premises in the newly built industrial estate at Steinau an der Straße. Initial contacts are made in foreign markets – particularly in the USA.


    Paul GmbH & Co – in short PACO – is founded by three partners: by Hans Paul (who had gained experience in metal wire weaving through his previous experience at Ratazzi & May) as well as the silent partners Werner Seyfert and Hans Arnold. Production was started in a garage with a secondhand loom.