HETA Verfahrenstechnik: The system specialist in the PACO Group

HETA is the specialist in the PACO Group that supplies complete systems for demanding filtration and separation solutions. Typical applications include cleaning polymeric liquids or turbine oil, separating contaminants from sea water or fresh water in cooling plants, and making sure that pipelines remain clean to transport oil and natural gas etc. HETA systems are also used in nuclear power stations, a field that requires utmost quality and compliance with extremely demanding safety standards. Anybody that is internationally competitive in this area has already gained themselves the highest accolade for any other demanding filtration or separation application.

HETA Verfahrenstechnik GmbH: the experts for filtration and separation technology

HETA is in demand all over the world as a designer, manufacturer and distributor of industrial plants and systems for the mechanical separation of all kinds of liquid substances. The major processes in this field are based on filtration and the principle of separation by inertia.

The most important applications are:

  • Filtration of solids from the continuous flow of fluids
  • Separation of immiscible fluids
  • Cleaning of polymeric liquids, turbine oil and contaminated water
  • Separation of fluids and filtration of solids from the continuous flow of gases

The range of products includes ready-to-connect filter and separation systems including all necessary installations and guaranteed as well as quality approved functionality.

The HETA range of services: complete and in detail – exactly as required

The HETA range of services is always focused on the needs of the customer, i.e. a specific filtration and separation case that requires a solution.

The individual operations are:

  • Analysis
  • Planning and conception of the plant / system
  • Manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Installation on site
  • Acceptance
  • Maintenance

HETA Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001, has obtained the extremely stringent German Nuclear Safety Standards Commission approval for the design and engineering of filters and separators for nuclear plants (KTA 1401) and has been correspondingly certified according to the ASME code. The production of plants and systems occurs exclusively within their own premises or by suppliers that have received the required certification as manufacturers of pressure vessels.


HETA products and systems: performance, precision and efficiency – based on reliability

HETA products and systems are in use in the chemical as well as the petrochemical industry, in conventional as well as in nuclear power stations, in a wide range of manufacturing industries, as well as in environmental protection and the treatment of waste or cooling water.

The highlights of the HETA product range are:

  • Microfilters for process filtration and protection of sensitive systems
  • Edge-type filters for cleaning extremely contaminated fluids
  • Candle filters for surface and depth filtration as well as adsorption
  • Self-cleaning automatic filters for continuous operation to remove organic and non-organic contaminants

Each HETA system is shipped with all of the components required for operation – from the various filtering and separating elements through system accessories to electronic management and process controllers.

HETA Verfahrenstechnik GmbH: more than 20 years’ experience and success

HETA Verfahrenstechnik GmbH was founded in 1989 and has systematically developed from being an engineering consultant through a design office to become a highly specialized and extremely efficient manufacturing operation.

Since 2010 HETA is part of the PACO Group, a logical consequence of the close cooperation and joint research and development that was already taking place. In addition, HETA has always been able to draw from the wide range of PACO filter cloths and filter elements. Both companies are profiting from the extensive experience of each other as well as valuable synergy effects in R&D, manufacturing, worldwide sales and economic strength.

More information: www.heta.de