PACO Sieve Products and Services: Precision, Performance and Solutions from a Single Source.

As a specialist for metal wire cloths, PACO inherently has the specialised expertise that is needed to provide effective sieving products. This is supplemented with a wide and in-depth knowledge of screening applications in a broad range of industries as well as research and development laboratories.

It doesn’t matter if coarse fragments are to be screened or fine particles are to be separated – i.e. processes bordering on filtering: PACO offers the suitable solution-oriented know-how for all sieving applications. This ensures precise sieving quality and high screening performance. Through the interchange of experience and ideas with our  final users, PACO sieve products always reflect the latest developments in screening technology. 

PACO Rectangular and Round Sieve Frames - Up to 300 cm Diameter

As a result of their close co-operation with the world’s leading sieving machine manufacturers, PACO has a wide and, at the same time, specialised range of sieve frames.  The choice of materials includes steel, polyester-coated steel and stainless steel.

A number of sizes are kept on stock. Special sizes can be quickly supplied according to individual requirements.

The various uses of rectangular and round sieve frames mean that a wide variety of joining techniques are used. These include dedicated adhesive bonding systems from standard through particularly heat-resistant two-component adhesives to special glues suitable for the food processing industry. For applications in which the sieves have to withstand high mechanical loads, the sieve cloths are also spot-welded into the frames.

PACO Industrial Screens - Maximising the Shaking Performance

Industrial screens are supplied by PACO for various types of vibration screening machines. The basis for these screens are high-quality PACO metal wire cloths featuring wire qualities, wire gauges and mesh sizes exactly tailored to the requirements of the application. This is completed with PACO’s broad knowledge of the design of the clamping edges and effective bonding with the sieve cloths.

Regardless of whether they are clamped longitudinally or transverse – all PACO industrial screens are characterised by their high performance, precise screening results and long lifetimes.  They are easy to clamp, re-tension and exchange.



PACO Screens - Precision Within a Strong Framework

To bring peak performance, high-quality sieve cloths also need a perfect frame. That is why PACO produces complete screens to their individual customers’ specifications.

PACO screens are characterised by their inherently stable design and optimum covering in combination with the individually perfect sieve cloths. The synergies achieved through this partnership are precise separation and careful handling of the product being screened as well as maximum resistance against clogging of the mesh. Not to forget the advantage of considerably longer lifetimes.

As well as producing complete systems of their own, PACO also cover other manufacturer’s frames with their high performance cloths.

PACO Re-Screening Service - Reliability Ensures Productivity

The high mechanical load exerted by the products being screened means that sieves are continuously subject to wear. Consequently, sieves have to be regularly exchanged to maintain screening quality and productivity.

PACO uses all means available to them to make sure that their customers have a constant supply of freshly covered sieves on-site. This includes effective management of the complete supply chain consisting of transport, specialised packaging and re-screening service. Whereby speed and the strict adherence to delivery deadlines are of utmost importance.

At the PACO factory, the used sieves are completely renewed – from the removal of the worn cloth to the re-screening and fixing with a technology specially optimised by PACO.

PACO Sieve Development - Guaranteeing Separation According to Plan

PACO offers more than just its service for customer-specific new screens and re-screening. Its innovation-oriented development resources can provide completely new screening solutions: regardless of exactly what is needed – PACO engineers and technicians work hand-in-hand with sieve machine developers, where possible, right from the start.

PACO provides the necessary materials and metal cloths for test runs. In laboratories and pilot plant stations, sieving processes are analysed and tested until they can be safely transferred to the production environment. After that, PACO stands for the consistently high quality and precision of their sieves and sieving products.

Anti-Block-System - More Throughput Through 'PACO Roulette'

A particular challenge for the productivity of the sieving process is the risk of the sieve clogging. This risk particularly increases when screening finely dispersed, adhesive, wet or fibrous products. Increasing the mesh size of the sieve cloths or reducing the cleaning interval are not effective solutions – neither economically nor qualitatively.

For sieving machines – ranging from vibration tumbler to directional oscillator – PACO has a pragmatic on-line sieve maintenance solution – bouncing ball cleaning. This Anti-Block System prevents clogging of the sieve and ensures throughput productivity. The choice of materials and design enables particularly low wear which translates into longer lifetimes and service intervals. This means that with “PACO Roulette“ the users will always be the winners.