Screen Printing

Precision that Appeals to the Eye and Advances Technology

Screen-printing is a printing technology with a long tradition. It has made a name for itself today as a process that is an integral part of a number of demanding high-tech applications. These range from solar technology through IT to hybrid and thick film technology.

Of course, screen printing is still essential for a number of traditional applications such as the decorative printing of ceramic and glass as well as advertising posters and packaging.

PACO Screen Printing Products: Full Power for Solar Technology and Photovoltaics

The successful harnessing of sustainable energy sources is essential for the long-term survival of humankind on our planet. At the top of the list is the conversion of solar energy into electrical current. PACO has taken centre stage in the process of converting electromagnetic solar radiation to achieve the desired photovoltaic effect: if it wasn’t for high precision screen printing, the production of solar cells as we know it today would be practically impossible!

PACO SD-AM stainless steel cloths have played an important part in the continuous advances in the industrial production of ever more efficient solar cells.

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PACO Screen Printing: Screen Printing Cloth with Principle Advan- tages - Stainless Steel Featuring Precision and Cost Effectiveness

The choice of the optimum material for screen printing cloths comes down to two main rivals: polyester and stainless steel. However, apart from being cheaper, the plastic solution doesn’t have anything in its favour. Stainless steel is in all respects superior – even in terms of cost-effectiveness.

These are the primary advantages of PACO precision metal wire cloth:

  • thin to ultra-thin wires with close diameter tolerances and high tensile strength
  • high precision through a strong weave
  • relatively open screen area
  • low distortion with minimum distance between screen and substrate
  • superior register accuracy, no elongation through squeegee movement
  • dimensional stability up to 600°C
  • high resistance to abrasion: can be used with aggressive inks (e.g. ceramic pastes)
  • can be electrically heated
  • no creeping and no electrostatic charging
  • no absorption of moisture and solvents
  • no change of volume, loss of tension or shrinking
  • media is easily released from the screen, easy to clean
  • long lifetime, more printing cycles with long service life
  • reliable quality with complete cost-effectiveness

PACO Product Range for Screen Printing: From Screen Printing Cloths Through Precision Frames To Re-Screening Service

For PACO, metal wire cloths are nothing more than the means to the end of providing their customers with tailor-made solutions for their specific needs. That is why PACO’s range of services for screen printing goes far beyond the “precision mesh”.

Here are a few examples:

  • planar-oriented cloths
  • completely steam degreased and ultrasonically cleaned cloths
  • cut mesh
  • printing screen assemblies
  • bonded screens with borders of plastic cloth
  • aluminium frames (rigid)
  • precision frames made of die-cast aluminium for thick-film or SMD technology
  • in-house template manufacture with screen frame cleaning, covering, bonding, hardening, coating, copying, drying and retouching
  • re-covering service

PACO Screen Printing Pilot Production Plants: Turning Costumer Ideas into Technological Progress

Constantly changing customer demands and new customer ideas are a valuable source of inspiration for our product developers. And, of course, we’ve got plenty of ideas and visions of our own. As part of our research and development operations at our main factory in Steinau we have a pilot production plant and there is also a pilot production plant especially for screen printing at our subsidiary TSE in France.

At PACO we keep on testing new developments in our own facilities until the process can be reliably implemented in a production environment. We are also happy to closely co-operate with our customers’ specialists to develop and test new solutions – if needed with equipment on-site.

By keeping closely in touch and carefully listening to our customers around the world we continue to develop our screen printing products for optimised resolution and, at the same time, further increases in quality and productivity.

PACO Quality Control: Because We Always Want to be Completely Sure

It goes without saying that PACO is certified according to the usual quality assurance standards that apply around the world. On top of this we employ state-of-the-art measuring technology and extensive testing procedures to make sure that our products keep to what their specifications promise.

In particular for PACO screen printing products, utmost accuracy is demanded as even a thousandth of a millimetre is extremely important. Our thickness measuring device for static measurements works to an accuracy of +/- 0,5 µ. The measuring surface is a ground granite plate with a surface accuracy of 0.00075 mm. Individual yarns are measured using laser technology. To test tensile strength we subject stainless steel wires and cloths to continuous mechanical tests.

Our quality specialists make sure that there is 100% control from the incoming goods checks through stage-end functional tests to the final testing routine immediately prior to shipment.