Filter Technology

PACO Filter Product Spectrum: Filter Media, Finished Filter Elements, Complete Filter Systems

Just like automobile or aircraft manufacturers, who PACO incidentally also supply, more and more of our customers demand complete solutions – from components through subassemblies to complete systems.

PACO’s experience together with their high level of vertical integration in development and production ensure that they always provide a professional solution whatever the customer demands. Starting with the development of test samples through the processing of small batches to industrial scale production. Even a one-off is well within our repertoire.

The PACO  “single source“ concept applies to everything from specifically developed filter elements to complete filtering and separating plants including all system elements.

Product Range

PACO’s know-how for specialist filter solutions emanates from their experience in the production of metal wire cloths and media. At the same time, filter production has developed to become an important business activity that goes far beyond just weaving. This is because the experience gained from working closely with a broad spectrum of industries and a multitude of applications has accumulated to become valuable process technology expertise – including an interesting synergy potential.

The PACO filter product range includes filter candles, filter baskets, pressure filters, various versions of flat filters, filter plates, filter disks, filter belts and sieving belts for auto-screen systems.

The filter mesh generally ranges between 1 µ and 200 µ. In all cases, the mechanical loading capacity and reutilization period is high. The thermal loading capacity of the standard range goes up to 600°C.

PACO Filter Systems: From Element to Complete Solution – Just As Required

Filter technology is an extremely complex field that demands experience even with seemingly insignificant details as well as the need for synergies with superordinate processes and the complete workflow.

PACO’s commitment to a broad range of industries and fields of application from pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food processing though to environmental  engineering and aerospace means that they have developed a depth of knowledge that is far more than just filter cloths and filter elements.

Regardless of your filtering needs: PACO always views things as a whole and, if required, will provide a solution in the form of a complete system.