Metal Fibre Cloths

PACO Metal Fibre Cloths: Specialists for High Performance Accuracy

In addition to their standard range of metal wire cloths and metal wire cloth products, PACO also supplies and further processes a wide range of metal fibre cloths. These products, which are marketed under the brand names PACOFIL® and PACOPOR® , are primarily used for fluid filtration and gas purification.

PACOFIL® and PACOPOR® is a filter medium that is made up of different layers of randomly oriented fibre (metal fibre).

Metal fibres are extremely thin metal wires with a diameter in the range of 1 µ to 80 µ. (as a comparison: a human hair has a thickness of 50 – 100 µ.)
Our metal fibres and the PACOFIL® and PACOPOR®  metal fibre cloths that they are made into are – depending on the intended application –  produced from a variety of different materials: stainless steel, high temperature alloys, nickel, nickel alloys and a numerous others.

Characteristics of PACO Metal Fibre Cloths

On the basis of the quality of the fibres used, PACOFIL® and PACOPOR® filter media have particularly high contaminant retention capabilities. The reason for this is that, in the last few years, the porosity (the volume of pores in relation to the volume of cloth) has been considerably increased without any trade off in the filtering resolution. The extremely porous fibre structure provides the required flexibility to optimise the filtration process for liquids as well as an increasing amount of gases (hot gas applications).
The filtration integrity remains unchanged even at high temperatures and differential pressures.

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