Filter presses

The production of chocolate as well as other foods and beverages often requires a large number of screening and filtering processes. Cocoa beans, for instance, have a very high fat content that has to be significantly reduced during processing. This excess fat is removed with presses operating at pressures of up to 1000 bar in conjunction with metal wire cloths that have to be robust and of top quality. That is why numerous PACO metal wire cloths, sieves and filter solutions are involved in the chocolate manufacturing process.

For instance PACO filter elements put in a tremendous performance in the cocoa press. They are made up of a number of layers to ensure that they can withstand the enormous forces of the presses. Once the cocoa mass and cocoa butter have been separated, other screening and filtering steps are used to extract the cocoa powder and further process the cocoa butter, for instance to produce cosmetics or culinary delights such as chocalate coatings, nougat or a fine selection of filled chocalates.

Filter technology

Filtration is a fundamental and versatile process that is just as much at home in a production process as it is in environmental engineering or a laboratory. PACO supplies specifically developed filter media for a variety of applications – various types of flat filter, fine filters up to 3 µ  filtering accuracy, filter candles, (pressure) filter baskets and special filters made of metal wire cloth, sintered metal fibre and mesh laminates.

In addition, PACO develops and produces complete filtering and screening systems including all of the necessary system elements. A number of PACO filter innovations have now become proven industrial standards.

Filtration, ultra-pure – with PACOSLOT wedge wire screens

In Germany, the purity law is generally associated with beer brewing, although it equally applies to a number of other fluids used in industrial and technical applications. That is why PACOSLOT wedge wire screens are not only used in breweries, but also in a wide range of other processes such as coolant filtration or as resin traps or nozzle filters etc..

PACOSLOT wedge wire screens are not only characterized by their perfect filtration results, but also through the extreme purity of the technology used to manufacture them. They have a spirally running surface structure with axially arranged supporting sections at the cross-over points. As these joints are welded without the use of any additional materials, they are extremely pure.

Cleantech made by PACO

Cleantech – high tech that protects the environment and health – is considered to be one of the most promising markets for the future. PACO has been working in this extremely challenging sector for a number of years and, together with its customers, keeps on developing innovative solutions. PACO filters are, for instance, used to purify flue gases in waste incineration plants, filter water in sewage plants and rainwater harvesting systems as well as for air conditioning and mining applications. PACO special cloths are being successfully used as diesel soot filters.

PACO filter cloths ensure that the efficiency of oil and gas production is improved and high precision PACO screen printing cloths play an important part in photovoltaic development. The demands of our customers for cleantech solutions continues to grow. And with that, PACO’s proficiency in this extremely important area of activity.