Sand control systems for oil production

As crude oil is usually contaminated with sand and other soil particles, sand control systems play an important part when drilling for oil – both technically and economically. In close co-operation with PACO Research & Development, specialist oil industry equipment suppliers have developed innovative “Expandable Sand Screens“. Extensive testing has proved that PACO precision cloth of the quality 316L and a nickel alloy (825) are optimally suited.

The nominal mesh size ranges from 110 to 350 µm with small tolerances. PACO plasma welds the cloths and delivers the filter media as half-finished goods.

Waste water treatment with RoMesh® fine screening

When treating industrial and domestic waste water in factories and municipal treatment plants, the effective removal of fibres, hairs and other extremely fine residues can often cause problems.

The innovative RoMesh System, that combines fine screening with integral cleaning and forced separation, enables solutions to be put into practice that are both cost effective as well as particularly reliable. The RoMesh-System was developed by Hans Huber AG in conjunction with PACO and works with fine screening baskets equipped with PACO square aperture cloths for precise screening results.

Cleantech made by PACO

Cleantech – high tech that protects the environment and health – is considered to be one of the most promising markets for the future. PACO has been working in this extremely challenging sector for a number of years and, together with its customers, keeps on developing innovative solutions. PACO filters are, for instance, used to purify flue gases in waste incineration plants, filter water in sewage plants and rainwater harvesting systems as well as for air conditioning and mining applications. PACO special cloths are being successfully used as diesel soot filters.

PACO filter cloths ensure that the efficiency of oil and gas production is improved and high precision PACO screen printing cloths play an important part in photovoltaic development. The demands of our customers for cleantech solutions continues to grow. And with that, PACO’s proficiency in this extremely important area of activity. 

Filter technology

Filtration is a fundamental and versatile process that is just as much at home in a production process as it is in environmental engineering or a laboratory. PACO supplies specifically developed filter media for a variety of applications – various types of flat filter, fine filters up to 3 µ  filtering accuracy, filter candles, (pressure) filter baskets and special filters made of metal wire cloth, sintered metal fibre and mesh laminates.

In addition, PACO develops and produces complete filtering and screening systems including all of the necessary system elements. A number of PACO filter innovations have now become proven industrial standards.

Photovoltaic systems – no electricity without screen printing

To produce electrical current from solar energy, razor-thin metallic contacts of aluminium or silver have to be superimposed onto the front and reverse sides of a silicon wafer. As this requires the utmost precision, a screen printing process with metal wire cloth printing screens is used.

PACO has been developing and manufacturing metal wire cloths for the doping and electro-plating of solar cells using emulsion or film technology for almost twenty years. With the continuous development of high strength cloths PACO has made an important contribution to the continuous development and increases in performance of solar cells. PACO screen printing cloths are now leading the way in quality in the Chinese photovoltaic market – the largest market in the world.

Waste water treatment with PACO stirring filter dryers

Stirring filter dryers and stirrer devices that can trap solids provide an ideal solution for the effective treatment of waste water. This is particularly the case when subsequent treatment of the separated solids is required – for instance, washing or crushing in the plant.

Stirring filter dryers are also used for rainwater harvesting, flood protection, in the building industry, in mining, for liquid manure treatment or for the extraction of biogas. In each case, the frequently chosen filter media are PACO metal filter cloths or PACOPLATE® as filter cassettes.

Stirling motor – power through heating and cooling

The engine conceived by the Scotsman Robert Stirling back in 1816 has had to wait a long time for its implementation. The fundamental principle of operation is two pistons operating in an enclosed space that is formed through two cylinders and a regenerator and is filled with helium. One of the cylinders is heated from the outside and the other is cooled.

The expansion of the gas when it is heated and retraction when it is cooled moves the pistons and transfers the energy that they produce onto a flywheel. A key role in this process is assumed by the regenerator that acts as a heat exchanger. In close co-operation with forward-thinking investors, PACO has developed an extremely efficient regenerator from highly heat-resistant PACO metal wire cloth. This represents an important step in the practical implementation of the Stirling engine.