Lightening protection for aircraft

Effective protection against lightening strikes is an important aspect of aircraft safety. This is a area in which new materials or material combinations are playing an innovative role. For the lightening protection of aircraft, so-called “prepregs“ – pre-impregnated fibre composites made of reinforcing materials and synthetic resins have established themselves. They not only insulate but are very powerful and extremely light. PACO has developed special aluminium cloths for lightening protection. They are used in prepregs, for example, for engine enclosures, nose cones, front edges of wings and helicopter rotary blades.

RFID – “Smart Labels”

A trend common to a lot of high tech applications is miniaturization. This also applies to RFID – the Radio Frequency Identification Application for non-contact identification and electronic processing of, for example, logistically relevant information about goods and products etc.. In the case of RFID applications, miniaturization means that smart labels with an integrated chip, antenna and interconnection have already been downsized to the dimensions of a grain of rice.

Essential to this, as well as further miniaturization potential in the future, is state-of-the-art screen printing. As the surface to be printed gets smaller and components and connections become finer, screen printing capabilities have to become more and more precise. That is why PACO SD stainless steel precision cloths with their inherent stability are at the leading edge of printing extremely fine and tight tracks with excellent edge definition and optimum register accuracy.

EMI - Shielding Against Electromagnetic Interference

Computers and other electronic devices can be easily upset by electromagnetic interference. The remedy: EMI/RFI shielding – the screening of devices, housings, systems and complete rooms.

In close co-operation with their customers, PACO has developed tailor-made EMI shielding solutions. The high-precision geometry of PACO cloths and variety of permutations available through combinations of mesh size, wire gauge and choice of material in conjunction with the experience of PACO specialists provides an optimum solution for each individual screening situation.