Design - Construction

Design with metal wire cloths

Even bare metal wire cloths with their extremely fine structures, glossy finish and high quality appearance are very pleasing to the eye. That is why designers like to use PACO metal wire cloths when shaping everyday objects and technical products. A good and up-to-date example of this is the DUOPHON telephone conference set.

In particular, the elegance of the voice box effectively mirrors the innovative high quality of the technology inside. The simple perfection of the cylindrical housing is complemented by a lid shaped PACO metal wire cloth cover that not only enhances the appearance, but also provides effective functional protection.

Wood industry, fibreboard production

Whoever thinks that fibreboards are products that are comparatively easy to produce is mistaken. Fully-automated fibreboard production is a demanding process in which the screening of the wood particles plays an important part. The particles that are mainly formed by crushing coniferous wood have to be sorted according to size: the coarser particles will be put into the middle layers of the board and the finer particles in the covering layers at the top and bottom.

All of the particles are mixed with liquid resin and pressed together before being trimmed and sanded. The sieving and selection of the wood particles is carried out by large tumbler screening machines with a screening area of more than 10 m². These have of a number of screening decks placed above each other that each consist of several individual screening frames. PACO supplies sieving cloths and frames specifically for the purpose of fibreboard production and also offers a comprehensive re-screening service including “just-in-time“ logistics.

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