Lightening protection for aircraft

Effective protection against lightening strikes is an important aspect of aircraft safety. This is a area in which new materials or material combinations are playing an innovative role. For the lightening protection of aircraft, so-called “prepregs“ – pre-impregnated fibre composites made of reinforcing materials and synthetic resins have established themselves.


They not only insulate but are very powerful and extremely light. PACO has developed special aluminium cloths for lightening protection. They are used in prepregs, for example, for engine enclosures, nose cones, front edges of wings and helicopter rotary blades.

Space flight – PACO launches into space with the Ariane 5

The Ariane 5 is member of the successful European launch vehicle family. And PACO is there again – right at the forefront: in the upper stage that is responsible for precisely launching the satellite into the specified orbit around the earth. This requires a complex drive and control system that has to perfectly operate in weightless conditions. 


To ensure that there are no gas bubbles in the propellant for the drive system that could possibly cause a malfunction, PACO supplies a “bubble trap”, known as a Gas Retention Device (GRD). This effectively filters the air out of the propellant. The GRD is completely prepared, produced and quality controlled in the Steinau factory.

Filter technology

Filtration is a fundamental and versatile process that is just as much at home in a production process as it is in environmental engineering or a laboratory. PACO supplies specifically developed filter media for a variety of applications – various types of flat filter, fine filters up to 3 µ  filtering accuracy, filter candles, (pressure) filter baskets and special filters made of metal wire cloth, sintered metal fibre and mesh laminates.


In addition, PACO develops and produces complete filtering and screening systems including all of the necessary system elements. A number of PACO filter innovations have now become proven industrial standards.

Cleantech made by PACO

Cleantech – high tech that protects the environment and health – is considered to be one of the most promising markets for the future. PACO has been working in this extremely challenging sector for a number of years and, together with its customers, keeps on developing innovative solutions. PACO filters are, for instance, used to purify flue gases in waste incineration plants, filter water in sewage plants and rainwater harvesting systems as well as for air conditioning and mining applications. PACO special cloths are being successfully used as diesel soot filters. PACO filter cloths ensure that the efficiency of oil and gas production is improved and high precision PACO screen printing cloths play an important part in photovoltaic development.


The demands of our customers for cleantech solutions continues to grow. And with that, PACO’s proficiency in this extremely important area of activity. 

EMI - Shielding Against Electromagnetic Interference

Computers and other electronic devices can be easily upset by electromagnetic interference. The remedy: EMI/RFI shielding – the screening of devices, housings, systems and complete rooms. In close co-operation with their customers, PACO has developed tailor-made EMI shielding solutions.


The high-precision geometry of PACO cloths and variety of permutations available through combinations of mesh size, wire gauge and choice of material in conjunction with the experience of PACO specialists provides an optimum solution for each individual screening situation.

Acoustic absorption for aircraft engines

The development of increasingly powerful aircraft engines, that has currently peaked with the engines for the Airbus 380, would not be possible without the simultaneous reduction in noise emission.


New composites for “acoustic screens“ enable noise to be absorbed within the power plant. High-precision PACO PZ metal wire cloths are an important component in the composite for integrated acoustic screens.