Production of integrated plastic / metal components

Injection moulding is the most common way of producing plastic components. This, however, does have some disadvantages such as  high costs and the need for relatively large amounts of polymers. The process often only becomes cost-effective with larger batch sizes. This situation becomes even more extreme when metal parts such as metal wire screen cloths are to be integrated into a component.


Together with and for the common benefit of our customers FETO and 3P Technik Filtersysteme GmbH, PACO has optimized a rotational process that is being successfully used for the production of large size metal/plastic composite parts. Compared to injection moulding, the advantages of rotational moulding are comparatively low tooling costs together with reduced material requirements for correspondingly lower-priced parts. These advantages also enable small batches to be cost-effectively produced. The experiences that have been gained are so encouraging that PACO has decided to make this process available to other interested customers.


Filter technology

Filtration is a fundamental and versatile process that is just as much at home in a production process as it is in environmental engineering or a laboratory. PACO supplies specifically developed filter media for a variety of applications – various types of flat filter, fine filters up to 3 µ  filtering accuracy, filter candles, (pressure) filter baskets and special filters made of metal wire cloth, sintered metal fibre and mesh laminates.


In addition, PACO develops and produces complete filtering and screening systems including all of the necessary system elements. A number of PACO filter innovations have now become proven industrial standards.


Diesel soot filter made of PACO special cloth

Long before EU regulation to reduce fine dust in breathing air came into force, PACO were closely working together with their customers to create suitable diesel soot filters. PACO developed a special cloth that will hold back more than 99 % of critical micro particles in the range of 10 – 1000 nm.


The high performance of the diesel soot filter solution is based on the optimum interaction of the chosen materials and their application-specific design. Examples for this are the combination of metal wire fabric and sintered metal cloth.

EMI - Shielding Against Electromagnetic Interference

Computers and other electronic devices can be easily upset by electromagnetic interference. The remedy: EMI/RFI shielding – the screening of devices, housings, systems and complete rooms. In close co-operation with their customers, PACO has developed tailor-made EMI shielding solutions.


The high-precision geometry of PACO cloths and variety of permutations available through combinations of mesh size, wire gauge and choice of material in conjunction with the experience of PACO specialists provides an optimum solution for each individual screening situation.


Stirling motor

The engine conceived by the Scotsman Robert Stirling back in 1816 has had to wait a long time for its implementation. The fundamental principle of operation is two pistons operating in an enclosed space that is formed through two cylinders and a regenerator and is filled with helium. One of the cylinders is heated from the outside and the other is cooled. The expansion of the gas when it is heated and retraction when it is cooled moves the pistons and transfers the energy that they produce onto a flywheel. A key role in this process is assumed by the regenerator that acts as a heat exchanger.


In close co-operation with forward-thinking investors, PACO has developed an extremely efficient regenerator from highly heat-resistant PACO metal wire cloth. This represents an important step in the practical implementation of the Stirling engine.


Cleantech made by PACO

Cleantech – high tech that protects the environment and health – is considered to be one of the most promising markets for the future. PACO has been working in this extremely challenging sector for a number of years and, together with its customers, keeps on developing innovative solutions.


PACO filters are, for instance, used to purify flue gases in waste incineration plants, filter water in sewage plants and rainwater harvesting systems as well as for air conditioning and mining applications. PACO special cloths are being successfully used as diesel soot filters. PACO filter cloths ensure that the efficiency of oil and gas production is improved and high precision PACO screen printing cloths play an important part in photovoltaic development.


The demands of our customers for cleantech solutions continues to grow. And with that, PACO’s proficiency in this extremely important area of activity.